Won't Get Fooled Again

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Much as we wish it weren’t true, brainwashing exists far beyond the realm of sci-fi movies or cult worship. Cracked.com has broken down the six brainwashing techniques presented to us nearly every day by thousands of political ads and biased media sources. With both presidential parties scrambling to reel in voters by November, it’s fascinating (albeit somewhat horrifying) to see the ways in which the American public is being suckered or bullied into thinking what They want you to think. (Note: slightly NSFW due to some mind-controlling cleavage.)

After reading, spend a minute or two perusing news and political websites and see how easy it is to find examples of these techniques. It’s a bit like a scavenger hunt, only instead of candy, the prize at the end is a frustrating awareness of how pervasive mind-control efforts really are.

Here’s an excellent example of #5: Does Obama Support the Killing of Infants?

And an instance of #1: McCain the Patriot: “Country First or Obama First”

Image courtesy of tombothetominator, licensed under Creative Commons.

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