Abortion Doulas Provide Support “Across the Spectrum of Pregnancy”

The new issue of Bust magazine has a short-but-sweet profile of The Doula Project, an amazing volunteer-run group of abortion doulas: specially trained doulas who support and advocate for women “across the spectrum of pregnancy.” The group, which is based out of a public hospital in New York City, “keeps women company and provides relaxation techniques during abortion procedures for no cost,” Bust reports.

“To me, it seemed like a very intuitive idea,” says Lauren Mitchell, who co-founded the Project. “Why aren’t there doulas for abortions? It’s usually an uncomfortable procedure, it can be emotional, it encompasses a huge range–life, sex, death. It’s intense.” Sometimes the doula will hold a woman’s hand or rub her scalp to calm her; other times, she may crack corny jokes or trade dating stories. The doula also offers information on the procedure and can explain to the woman what is happening to her body.

According to Bust, the Project plans to expand within the New York City area this year; members are also developing a training kit “in the hopes that the idea continues to spread.”

Source: Bust (article not available online)

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