Bishops Weigh in on Notre Dame Football

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Notre Dame football has been wallowing in mediocrity lately, much to the dismay of the storied program’s die-hard fans. In light of the team’s lame record, the university’s decision this week to let Coach Charlie Weis keep his job ruffled many feathers, including those of many leading figures in the Catholic community.

The Administrative Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops called an emergency meeting this week to mull over their response to the Weis controversy. Tucson bishop and USCCB vice president, Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas said the bishops were “unanimous in our conviction that something must be done,” according to Commonweal. But he also said that rather than focusing their attention exclusively on Coach Weis, the bishops were responsible for offering “all Notre Dame football fans a moral framework with which they can properly form their consciences on this delicate issue. We are not telling anyone whom to fire or not to fire.”

Image by Fated to Pretend, licensed under Creative Commons.

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