Exercise Freaks Are Soulless, Disgusting, Putrid

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Walking like a zombie on a treadmill to nowhere means you are self-obsessed and have no soul, according to Reid Buckley in The American Conservative. He compares excessive exercise to the ancient Hebrews in the desert, worshipping a golden calf.

Buckley’s proposed solution is to take a stand against the gym junkies’ soul-sucking ways by simply ignoring them. Oh, and then eat some chocolate cake. He writes:

The fitness craze is simply another escape from the consequences of metaphysical ignorance–an attempt to flee time and space and the inevitability of inexorable, unstoppable, uncamoflageable aging. One pities them: they are doomed to the disintegration of the mortal frame in which they take such pride and invest such complacent hope, doomed to the eventual rotting of their poor flesh–cold to the touch, loathsome to the sight, offensive to all the yet living: disgusting, putrid, worm-ridden, foul.

Source: The American Conservative

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