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Getting in touch with your spiritual side just got tastier with the release of <a title=”<EM>Geez</EM> magazine’s winter Taste Issue” href=”” target=”_blank”>
<em>Geez</em> magazine’s winter Taste Issue</a>. The fiercely independent, <a href=””>Utne Independent Press Award-nominated</a>, Canadian Christian magazine showcases its mischievous yet insightful style, covering social, political, and religious ideas, this time through a food-smattered lens. In the issue, Dan Wiens explores common perceptions of farming and the distance people have created between food and its source. Elsewhere, Barbara Kingsolver discusses growing up in the farming sect of the American “caste system” in an excerpt from her latest book, <i>Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life</i>. The articles track food from the North American table, through the myriad channels of distribution, and back to production. They also examine the global tremors created by each of these steps. Mmm…gastro politics. </p>
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