Gifts For People Who Don’t Need Gifts

By Staff

Christmas is coming, and millions of Americans are descending into an orgy of capitalistic gift-giving, gift-receiving, and gift-begging. Not everyone, though, is buying what Santa’s selling. Some people are trying to opt out of the whole “desire” thing. A couple weeks ago my grandma asked me what I wanted to Christmas. I paused: I didn’t really want anything. I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in quiet rooms meditating with my eyes closed, just so that I wouldn’t want things. But instead of telling her that, I just murmured something about socks.

The Yoga Journal, a nominee for the 2007 Utne Independent Press Awards, just might have a solution. Senior editor Phil Catalfo suggests a few gifts for those friends who are annoyingly casting off the chains of desire. The gifts are so good, readers might find something that’ll make them wish they had desires again.

Brendan Mackie

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