God-Fearing Couple Seeks Pious Sister-Wife

By Staff

Many evangelicals are not fans of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One primary reason they give is polygamy, which they understand to be common among Mormons and unheard of among evangelicals. The problem is that they’re wrong on both counts. 

In fact, the LDS Church has prohibited polygamy for more than 100 years. The practice now exists only within fringe factions. The same is true of evangelicalism, Allie Cook reports on the blog of evangelical magazine World. By some estimates cited by Cook, the young movement of polygamous evangelicals now boasts some 50,000 members.

Cook links to several websites promoting and facilitating evangelical couples’ search for sister-wives. Since polygamy is illegal, the sites tend to be anonymous. One, christianpolygamy.com, includes an article on its home page offering advice for dodging the legality issue. Its author, Don Milton, apparently feels free to reveal his name because he is not himself a polygamist.

Milton also posts occasionally on his fairly ludicrous blog, where he addresses timely questions such as, “What is behind this Monogamist reign of terror?” What do Hitler, Stalin, and Mao have in common? That’s right–all monogamists.

Steve Thorngate

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