Google’s 'Jolly Good Fellow' Teaches Mindfulness

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As Google’s self-proclaimed “Jolly Good Fellow,” Chade-Meng Tan works to reduce employee stress and bring peace to the workplace. Buddhist culture magazine Shambhala Sun features Meng’s employee enrichment program Search Inside Yourself, which introduces Google employees to basic mindfulness through journaling, listening, and walking mediation.

Meng even teaches mindful emailing. It’s simple: type an email and then take three breaths, looking again at the messgae and imagining the recipient’s emotional and mental response, then rewrite where necessary.  Who knows, you might abandon the email altogether. One employee says he shocked a colleague when, after worrying his email would be misread, picked up the phone. A revolutionary act in today’s quick-hit e-correspondence culture.

Source:Shambhala Sun (full article not available online)

Image by Yodel Anecdotal, licensed under Creative Commons.

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