Health Care Reform of Biblical Proportions

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Healing lepers, giving sight to the blind, the Bible portrays Jesus as a one-man health care reform plan. A significant portion of the gospels are devoted to the idea of healing the sick, and much of the political debate in Washington currently centers around the same idea. Karin Granberg-Michaelson writes for Sojourner’s, “Faith and healing are integrally related, as demonstrated in all the healings recorded in Scripture.”

Beyond political reform, Granberg-Michaelson writes that churches should work toward a “whole person health care [the treatment of a person as a unity of body, mind, and spirit].” This can work in tandem with modern medicine, and neither spiritual nor medical care should be neglected. She writes:

Problems occur when we isolate and compartmentalize either source of healing. A wholly scientific approach lacks the resource of God’s power, and a wholly spiritual approach overlooks God’s confidence in human beings.

This spiritual approach can point the way toward a more progressive health care system, according to Rose Marie Berger on Sojourner’sGod’s Politics blog. She writes:

We want to craft a health-care system that honors a fair exchange of money for services, that redistributes our social capital toward the health and healing of all over the long-term, and that allows for philanthropy and generosity of heart by those who can give freely for the betterment of all.

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Source: Sojourner’s

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