Hungry? Try Eating 8.4 Pounds of Baked Beans

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The world of competitive eating is one of impressive (and wholly bizarre) records, practice food, eating challenges, and pre-contest candy-only binging. In a recent issue of Tin House, Thomas Burke spent some time trailing Eater X, who is a stock trader by day, but ranked fourth in the world of competitive eaters. To earn that nobility, he’s claimed six food titles for eating 71 tamales in 12 minutes, 26 large cannoli in six minutes, four pounds of tiramisu in six minutes, 11.81 pounds of long-form burritos in 10 minutes, 10.5 pounds of ramen noodles in eight minutes, and 141 pieces of nigiri sushi in six minutes. Do you feel queasy yet? Here at Utne we’re collectively doing our best to polish off a five-pound bag of 760 Tootsie Roll midgees… but not anytime soon.

Source: Tin House

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