Margot Adler: NPR Correspondent, Pagan Earth Religionist

<p>In the almost 30 years that Margot Adler has worked with <a title=”National Public Radio” href=”″ target=”_blank”>National Public Radio</a>, she has covered social, health, and political issues for <i>All Things Considered</i>, <i>Morning Edition</i>, and many other shows. During that time, she has also been a practicing Pagan, a fact not often addressed in her professional life. Adler sat down with the <a title=”radio show <I>Interfaith Voices</I>” href=”″ target=”_blank”>radio show <i>Interfaith Voices</i>
</a> to talk about both paganism and public radio.</p>
<p>Adler, author of the book <i>
<a title=”Drawing Down the Moon” href=”,_Druids,_Goddess-Worshippers,_and_Other_Pagans_in_America_Today” target=”_blank”>Drawing Down the Moon</a>: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today,</i> says she was drawn to Paganism partly due to the inspiration she drew as a woman from ancient goddesses, but also because of her connection to the environmental movement. In the interview Adler talks about the unthinking, “anti-ecological” tendencies displayed by many people, and how Paganism can help people connect with the earth.</p>

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