Mario Kart for the Religious Set

By Staff

<p>A lot of ink has been spilled over the <i>Left Behind</i> video games–the post-apocalyptic, <i>Grand Theft Auto</i>-style games, where players run around murdering non-believers. For readers seeking out more religiously motivated internet fun, <a title=”Craig Leinoff of Jewcy” href=”” target=”_blank”>Craig Leinoff of <em>Jewcy</em>
</a> reviews a few of the “strangest agenda-driven games on the Internet.” Unfortunately, the <i>Left Behind</i> game seems to be the best of the bunch, receiving a rating of “Doesn’t Suck That Much.” Of course, that’s after Leinoff spent time playing, The Zoo Race Game, a “Mindbogglingly Sucky” racing game that resembles Mario Kart for the creationist set. You can watch a sample of some of the game below.</p>
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