Miracles of Buddhism

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Are miracles real? Are they archaic notions of events that could be explained by science? Or are they allegories for wider concepts? In Buddhism, miracles are all of the above, according to a panel discussion in Buddhadharma (full article not available online).

Three devout students of Buddhism, Glenn Wallis, Judy Lief, and Ari Goldfield, all believe that miracles are real, although today’s miraculous events might not be as easily understood as those in religious legends. People living in ancient times may have been more comfortable with the supernatural as a part of reality, while a modern, scientific mindset may not allow for an understanding of miracles. Instead of getting caught up the scientific, the panelists encourage people to reopen their minds to the possibility of “everyday” miracles, like displays of love and compassion. “Quite simply, if you look at reality closely and directly,” says Lief, “ordinary reality becomes more and more strange and miraculous.”

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