A Museum for Mothers

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The Canadian feminist magazine Herizons reports on a museum-in-progress that’s setting out to honor mothers and their stories: the Museum of Motherhood.

“Mother-blaming and objectifying women has created a lot of damage,” museum cofounder Joy Rose tells Herizons. “We need to dig deep into the well of our subconscious when it comes to our attitudes about mothers. Our society needs to make a major shift.”

For now, the museum exists online (at www.museumofmotherhood.org) while Rose and her colleagues raise money and look for a space in upstate New York. They’re using the website to gather testimonials about mothers and motherhood, which they plan to use in their inaugural exhibit.

(The article is not yet up on the Herizons website, but you can read a fairly legible scanned copy at the Museum of Motherhood’s website.)

Source: Herizons

Image by hans s, licensed under Creative Commons.

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