Religion Makes People Happier

By Staff
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A recent study suggests that religious people are happier than non-believers. The study, reported on the blog The Daily Galaxy, found that religious people are better able to cope with bad situations, including unemployment or the loss of a loved one. Professor Andrew Clark, from the Paris School of Economics, and co-author Dr. Orsolya Lelkes, from the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, began by researching an entirely different topic–the unemployment benefits in different European countries. Eventually, the researchers came to the conclusion that religious people were less psychologically harmed by unemployment than non-religious people. They do admit, however, that a number of other factors could play a roll, including genetics and the familial upbringing.


Bennett Gordon

Image by Brian Jeffery Beggerly, licensed under Creative Commons.

UPDATE: It turns out that religion doesn’t make people happy, money does. In spite of a considerable amount of evidence to the contrary, a recent study, reported in the New York Times, found that “money indeed tends to bring happiness, even if it doesn’t guarantee it.”

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