Reverend to Congregation: Text Me

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Teens at Morning Star Church in O’Fallon, Missouri, don’t get scolded by their parents for texting during services. In fact, it’s encouraged. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Morning Star has incorporated texting into its Sunday sermon, a trend some churches are embracing to engage younger followers. Morning Star worshipers are able to text questions to the church’s cell phone, where they are received by a church employee and routed to the Reverend’s laptop.On a recent Sunday, some of the texted questions included, “When we are in heaven, will we be able to touch our relatives still on Earth?” and “I’m wondering (and this will sound awful) about people I don’t care to bump into in heaven. Will strained relationships here be awkward there, too?” Fourteen-year-old Maddie Howard told the Post-Dispatch, “You don’t want to admit your sins to the rest of the church, but this way you can still ask something important.”

(Thanks, Articles of Faith.)

 Image by Alton, licensed under Creative Commons.

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