Sleep Tips: Age Matters

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Sleep patterns change as people grow older, so Natural Solutions (July-Aug. 2008) pinpoints tricks to help insomniacs of all ages catch some shut-eye. 

   • The body’s natural alarm clock fluctuates most for teens, who are programmed to fall asleep later at night. Avoiding caffeine and staying warm should help induce zzz’s.

   • Snagging 8 hours a night is nearly impossible for busy adults in their 20s to mid-40s. Eliminating stressors, sneaking naps, and practicing yoga can help balance bodies and give minds a break.

   • Hormone fluctuations can wreak bedtime havoc on those approaching their 50s. Keep them in check by maintaining your ideal weight and lying on your right side to lower blood pressure and calm night sweats.

   • The best universal advice: Quit worrying! Anxiety just signals the brain to keep sleep at bay.

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