Stress and the City

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Last September Forbes released a list of America’s most stressful cities. Chicago came out on top, right above places like San Francisco and New York, due to issues like unemployment, population density, and low air quality. Many people, both in and outside of those communities, think it’s impossible to achieve mental tranquility within the city.

But contrary to a certain strain of popular belief, you don’t have to run off to the woods or to India to find a little peace. Common Ground magazine used Forbes‘ list as a springboard to consult yoga and meditation experts, neighborhood bartenders, and doctors on how to deal with stresses like overcrowding, multitasking, and economic hardship. The result is practical, effective advice on beating “urban angst,” good ideas that people often forget when they’re caught up in the pressures of everyday city life.

Image courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik, licensed under Creative Commons.

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