Ten Things to Do When You’re Feeling Hopeless

Step One: Give up hope

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These days, I’m more likely to feel hopeless than sad, more likely to feel as if nothing is ever enough, as if nothing really makes a difference, as if our whole human civilization is unraveling and there is nothing I or anyone can do about it. It’s a different feeling from sadness, and perhaps it needs a different, more complex set of ideas for coping with it. Here’s what I came up with to that end:

Give up hope. That’s right, get off the hope/despair roller coaster and realize once and for all: It’s hopeless! You should have known when a U.S. presidential candidate won an election on a platform of mere hope that it was time to give it up. Embrace hopelessness! It’s OK! It makes sense. But we can, should, and must still be intentional, responsible, and joyful.

Explore your gifts and passions with someone you love. Get together with someone you love and tell each other what you really care about, what you have real passion for, what you think really needs to be done in the world, what you think you could actually contribute to usefully and would really enjoy doing. Then tell each other what you think each other’s gifts to the world are—the things that other person is uniquely good at doing. I bet you’ll feel things starting to shift, in ways that are practical and intentional, instead of just desperately, uselessly hopeful.

Be good to yourself. We’re fucked, and you know it, but still you’re doing your part, taking responsibility, doing important work to mitigate or help adapt to the hopeless future we all face, right? So ease off. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Give yourself a break. Pamper yourself. Celebrate the fact that you’re smart enough, informed enough, strong enough, sensitive enough to feel utterly hopeless.

Cry (like an elephant). Research suggests that crying is a natural response to stress and grief, with enormous therapeutic value. Elephants, with exceptionally large brains and memories, visit the sites of pack mates’ deaths or suffering to remember and to cry, according to research by Jeffrey Masson. It’s natural, it feels good, and it’s good for you. So why does our culture not want us to cry when we feel hopeless?

Listen to kids talk about what they care about. Kids are hopeless. Until their parents, peers, and the education system brainwash them to start planning and hoping for their future and living inside their heads, they live in the present—without hope. By listening to them we can relearn what it means to live without the need to hope, to just accept and be.

10/12/2020 6:20:45 PM

This post is so helpful for me! I didn't realize that I was grieving the loss of hope until I read this. I'm now less angry, totally hopeless, and much more likely to live in the moment! Thank You!

6/9/2020 6:08:22 AM

Trump is a sociopath. By Stephen Brackens Brinkley 15 November 2018 First he came for the Arabs he labeled terrorists, He sanctioned their oppression and added to their misery. Then he came for the Muslims, categorizing them as Enemies of democracy and threats to our way of life. Next on his list the impoverished Name calling their countries, Branding them as unequal. Then he targeted the handicapped The weaker members of the country Whether physically or mentally. After, his gaze fell upon the first peoples, Making them the brunt of his jokes, Showing no respect for their rights, Dignity and protectiveness of their natural resources. He targeted those suffering from addiction, Branding them as throwaways and criminals, Tightening the already extremely taut noose Around their throats, leaving them gasping for breath. Calling wrong, right, evil, good and lies, truth, He continued his highly infectious and toxic journey. Then he came after the immigrants, labeling them thugs, rapists and worthless criminals, Snatching infants away from the mother's breasts, Slamming shut any door to a better, safer world For the parents and their children. The African Americans, the Democrats, The bleeding heart liberals, the commies, The socialists and the news journalists. Next on his list were the LGBT's, After all, he was quoted as saying, "If my VP had his way, they would ALL be dead." And finally, he turned his vindictive gaze And actions against any and all dissenters, Anyone who didn't share his opinions, His beliefs, and support his right to total rule. Admiring dictators, viewing their unharnessed brutality As true expressions of masculinity and raw strength. Seeing compassion as weakness, And kindness as vulnerability. All the while hiding a dark, sinister secret, That he is not like other men. Unable to feel sorrow, remorse, Empathy, sympathy, compassion Or even mercy. He is truly a man with A steel and granite heart.

11/30/2019 5:36:23 PM

When I feel sad, I go out and try to raise money or awareness about Bernie Sanders' campaign for the presidency. With a clueless narcissist in office, it's easy to feel hopeless but Bernie Sanders continues to hope for everyone and this entire country. He has a vision when everyone in this country, regardless of politics, race, gender, or any other attributes, gets to live a decent and good life. The polar opposite of that awful hypocrite, Trump.

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