The ‘Right Way’ to Detox

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Americans dropped $100 million on detox and body cleanse products between October 2008 and October 2009, according to Natural Solutions–a market share that shouldn’t come as a huge surprise given the preponderance of website ads and spam for the stuff. I find the popularity baffling, especially among people I consider otherwise health savvy.

“No science shows that fasting or subsisting on liquids for any amount of time will scrub a lifetime’s worth of toxins from your cells,” Katie Arnold writes. In fact, “prolonged fasting can do more harm than good by slowing your metabolism, depleting your body of essential nutrients, and, ironically, recirculating toxins into your system.”

A few years ago we reprinted a short article from E Magazine that goes into more detail about the unhealthy strain fasting puts on the body. Natural Solutions adds to the conversation with ideas for “the right way” to detox–kicking sugar, for example, eating more vegetables, or beginning an exercise routine. In other words: living a healthy lifestyle.

Sources: Natural Solutions, E Magazine

Image by FotoosVanRobin, licensed under Creative Commons.

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