Ron Posey Elected Mayor of Dunderheaded Nuttyville

There’s something they didn’t tell you in your high school civics book: one in every ten congressional representatives is a dunderheaded nut. That’s unfair: one in twenty.

Bill Posey, a Republican from Florida, is one of them, and he’s identified at least nine more: they are the co-sponsors of his so-called ‘Birther Bill’ now worming its way through the halls of Dunderheaded Nuttyville.

The bill would require presidential candidates to provide proof of citizenship, something he doesn’t seem to believe Barack Obama has squirreled away in his files.

The Washington Independent has been following the bill, and reports that Posey has “admitted speaking with ‘high-ranking members of our judiciary committee’ about the chances of Obama ‘being removed from office.'”

It’s too bad you can’t hire people like Posey for parties. It would be such a better use of their gifts. Or maybe they could take up singing:

(Thanks, Daily Dish.)

Source: Washington Independent

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