Displaced by the World Cup

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The World Cup is coming to South Africa next year, and poor South Africans are paying the price. The South African government has forcibly relocated a group of some 600 people to make way for the upcoming soccer tournament, the New Internationalist reports. The World Cup refugees were given seven days to leave their makeshift homes in Cape Town. They’ve now been moved to corrugated iron shacks in an impoverished and crime ridden “Temporary Relocation Area” 30 kilometers outside the city. One of these residents, Nazley Petersen, told the magazine:

They promised us electricity but there is none. They told us we will get houses after a few years, but I don’t believe them. I lived so nicely under the bridge. By the afternoon I would already have collected enough money from begging to feed my family that night. But here, when you are hungry, you remain hungry.

Source: The New Internationalist

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