Do You Want to Swim With Tarballs?

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Perhaps the argument for tougher government drilling regulations and more renewable energy production can be made on the basis of our distaste for “tarballs” washing ashore while we’re laying siege to each others’ sandcastles. The Texas Observer has posted a scary little tarball history of sorts, in which they point out:

Anyone who visited Texas’ beaches in the 1970s is familiar with the tarball. Ranging in size from a penny to a basketball, these dough-like masses of raw petroleum stained our skin and swimsuits with an unfortunate brown smear. They also made handy projectiles to throw at crabs, seagulls and friends. Tarballs seemed like just another hazard of playing in the waves, like jellyfish–the price paid for living in an oil-producing state.

In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon spill, the tarballs are likely rolling back up Texas beaches this summer.

Source: The Texas Observer

Image by elleinad, licensed under Creative Commons.

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