Excerpts from the GLAM Manifesto

Gender Section:

The Gender Blur
Where does biology end and society take over?

Drag Net
From glen to glenda and back again…is it possible?

Indefinable Heroes
The ancient art of gender-bending

This time the revolution will be absolutely fabulous!

Excerpt: The GLAM Manifesto

PoMosexual Pioneer
What good is theory when you’re not getting laid?

Gender Aptitude Test
Just WHO do you think you are?

GLAM is subversive. GLAM uses the symbols that pop culture creates for the expression of the desires that pop culture does not anticipate, endorse, or provide space for. The very expression of these desires in a public way is subversive. Their expression using elements from the language of pop culture, but for the empowerment of those outside of it, is revolutionary.

GLAM is sexy. GLAM is about constructing yourself as sexy not because you are required to do so in order to conform to cultural standards, but because it is possible to do so in ways that will advance the revolution.

GLAM is dependent upon gender, but breaks the limitations thereof. The language of fashion constructs the public face of gender. By taking control of pop culture’s signifiers we also gain power over that which they signify. Using GLAM methodology, fashion cues can be used to express identities which are excluded or disempowered by the limiting traditional binary opposition of gender.

GLAM is queer. Drag queens are the originators of GLAM. Direct and extreme subversion of gender restrictions is the essence of queerness. For the purposes of the revolution, nonhomosexuality does not preclude GLAM potential. However, GLAM is a highly effective means of being aggressively and performatively queer.

For a complete copy of theGLAM Manifesto, send a SASE to: Manifesto, GLAM Dyke Rescue Unit, 1009 S. Division, Northfield, MN 55047.

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