Obama Has Broken into the English Language and Is Using All These Big Words He Stole!

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So, some people are concerned that Obama’s oil spill speech was too linguistically ambitious. CNNreports that

Tuesday night’s speech from the Oval Office of the White House was written to a 9.8 grade level, said Paul J.J. Payack, president of Global Language Monitor. The Austin, Texas-based company analyzes and catalogues trends in word usage and word choice and their impact on culture.

Though the president used slightly less than four sentences per paragraph, his 19.8 words per sentence “added some difficulty for his target audience,” Payack said.

What is this, SATVerbalSection-gate? No, it isn’t, because that’s not a thing. For my money, The Awl has the only comment that matters. Check the title on their quicklink: “Why Won’t Barack Obama Talk To Us Like The Morons We Are?”

Source: CNN, The Awl

Image by jurvetson, licensed under Creative Commons.

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