Online Tips For Exploiting the Working Poor

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Remember Black People Love Us? Or, for that matter,
A Modest Proposal
? The Predatory Lending Association (PLA) follows in this fine tradition of satire.

The PLA’s website offers professional payday lenders a variety of tools to help them target the working poor, “an exciting, fast growing demographic that includes: military personnel, minorities, and most of the middle class.” Highlights include the chart on the relative merits of predatory lending and indentured servitude, and the “Myth vs. Reality” page (which relies heavily on market fundamentalism boilerplate ad absurdum).

The satirical website is interactive, sharp-looking, loaded with content, and solidly deadpan. Inevitably, not everyone gets the joke. The site is so subtle, its almost-credible tone so consistent, that it’s an easy mistake to make. What’s more, real payday lenders might even find the site’s tools and extensive information genuinely (if only slightly) useful.

(Thanks, the Street.)

Steve Thorngate

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