Post Partisan, Post Principles

Bipartisanship is en vogue under the Obama administration. Even though politicians aren’t working together yet, they’re accusing each other of not being bipartisan enough. That spirit of cooperation is effectively killing the far right and the far left wings of American politics, Jack Ross writes for the American Conservative, and destroying the political principles that people once stood on.

When movements such as the liberal netroots of Daily Kos are integrated into mainstream politics, according to Ross, they lose their opposition voices and fail to truly challenge the political establishment. The problem is that without a vibrant fringe, politics tends to sacrifice principles in the name of compromise.

If the recent stimulus package is any guide, that spirit of bipartisanship hasn’t swept Washington DC just yet. After the bill past in spite a near-total lack of support from Republicans, Senator Lindsey Graham responded saying, “If this is going to be bipartisanship, the country’s screwed.”

Source: American Conservative

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