Race: The Empty Political Piñata

By Staff

Gustavo Arellano, the wisdom slinger behind the syndicated ¡Ask a Mexican! column we profiled in 2006, handily debunks the myth of the Hispanic anti-black bloc as only he can:

The negrito-hating Mexican voter meme floating around America these days is the biggest ball of political mierda since Tom Tancredo. It presupposes that Mexicans choose candidates based only on race, whether backing their own or opposing another. The funny part about this claim is reality: Mexicans largely ignored the presidential run of New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and have supported black politicians, from the days of Vicente Guerrero (the mulatto Mexican president who outlawed slavery in 1829) to big-city mayors like Tom Bradley and Harold Washington, to even Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obama in his various Illinois campaigns and this one.

So why do polls have Hispanics favoring Clinton?

Heaven forbid Mexicans support a nationally known personality with whom they’re more familiar instead of a first-term senator from a flyover state. And anyone ever think Mexicans are more inclined to vote for Clinton because they like her centrist policies more than Obama’s liberal promises? But try telling either of those points to gabachos, whom forsake logical explanations for the easier rationale that Mexicans just don’t like negritos.

Hannah Lobel

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