Rudy Giuliani, the Loneliest Candidate

By Staff

The Lonely Candidate provides a most-needed (and most-amusing) campaign service by tracking presidential hopefuls’ claims to be the only person to do something or other. Take, for example, this chestnut from Hizzoner:

“I’m the only one who reduced taxes. I actually did it so many times that there’s a dispute over how many times I lowered taxes.

Rudy, the reason why there’s a dispute over how many times you’ve lowered taxes isn’t because we numerically challenged civilians can’t keep track of the fury of your tax-cutting orgies. In debates, radio ads, and on the stump, Giuliani insists that he cut New Yorkers’ taxes 23 times. In fact, as points out, he can only really lay claim to 14 cuts, on account of the others being enacted either by the state or the city council, not America’s mayor.  —Brendan Mackie

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