Russia's Depopulation Implosion

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Russia has been victim to staggering death statistics for the last hundred years or so. Rapid transformations in governance and war has afflicted this country more than others in the west–Russia claimed the most casualties in WWII with varied estimates between 13-26 million dead. Since 1992, however, Russia’s population has been steadily declining, and unlike before, no social or political upheaval is to blame. World Affairs journal explains what’s causing lower birth-rates and excessive mortality rates in the resource-rich nation, and why in 2006, life expectancy is three years lower than it was in 1964. Changing ethics on marriage and children and an “explosive upsurge in illness and mortality” threaten the working population who are most at risk. A highly literate country where you can receive a good education is the same place where heavy drinking is the norm and a liter of vodka costs less than a liter of milk. According to this article, there’s no stopping the population decline until Russia saves itself–the question is when and how.

Source: World Affairs

Image by Ed Yourdon licensed under Creative Commons

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