Save a Mailbox, Send a Letter!

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Now there is proof that less paper mail could actually lead to less mailboxes in your neighborhood. The recent issue of Minneapolis Observer Quarterly reprinted a curious report from the Twin Cities Daily Planet on the little-known dangers of density testing–a monitoring process the USPS performs in order to determine if a mailbox generates enough mail to warrant its existence. One poor resident learned of this process the hard way: 

James Rodriguez was on his way to work, and had in his hand several Netflix movies he wanted to drop in the mailbox. The only problem was, when he reached 3rd Avenue and 1st street, where he always dropped off his mail, the mailbox wasn’t there. “Am I trippin?” Rodriguez recalled later saying to himself. “Where’s my mailbox?!”

Luck would have it that Rodriguez spotted a mail carrier on that same block. “Dude, can you take this?” Rodriguez asked the mail carrier. He apologized, saying he didn’t know what happened to his usual mailbox.

The mail carrier looked over to where the old mail box used to be, and was no longer there. “Holy S-” Rodriguez said the carrier exclaimed. “Where’s the mailbox? I’m supposed to pick up from that mailbox!”

Just remember, it’s never too late to start a letter writing revival. You can keep in touch with your friends and save yourself the extra time of looking for a new drop-off location.

Sources: Minneapolis Observer Quarterly, Twin Cities Daily Planet

Image byNJ Tech Teacher, licensed underCreative Commons.

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