Taking Sex Ed to School

Young people get real about the birds and the bees

| September-October 2008

  • Sex Ed Protest

    image courtesy of the Chicago Tribune, by Kuni Takahashi

  • Sex Ed Protest

The verdict is in on abstinence-only sex education for teens: It doesn’t work. Statistics released by the National Center for Health Statistics in December show that, despite the Bush administration’s faith in the save-it-until-marriage tack, pregnancy and birth rates among U.S. teens jumped in 2006 after 15 years of decline.

The question now is: What next?

Young people and sex-ed advocates aren’t waiting for policy makers to hash out an answer. They are combining old-fashioned organizing with Internet-based efforts to elbow out space for a more honest conversation that speaks to today’s realities—from the right to say no to often-taboo subjects such as anal sex.

Take 20-year-old Mayadet Patitucci, who works with the nonprofit Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health. Patitucci remembers her sex-ed classes at Chicago’s Curie Metro High School mostly because they were incredibly boring. Yet the need for good sex ed was undeniable: 43 percent of the city’s high school students were sexually active, and 6,000 babies were born to Chicago teens in 2005.

Patitucci got involved in a citywide campaign demanding comprehensive sex ed—classes that address abstinence but also discuss issues such as birth control and differences in sexual orientation.

“We believed that the entire school system needed to make a commitment to providing life-saving information to Chicago schools,” she says, “so we took our cause to the top.”

9/16/2013 7:20:01 AM

I am a teen myself and I have given up long ago any hope of learning about sex and sexuality through school sex ed programs.. People are still stuck debating where sex ed programs say too little or too much, afraid to encourage teen to have sex.. Let me tell you couple of things: 1) Sex is everywhere, Advertisement, TV shows, Movie, Music (listen to rap music lately or watched Miley Cyrus show at the MTV awards??). We grow up bombarder by sexual message and by the time we are 12/13 we got it!! trust me.. 2) Incomplete sex education has never stopped anybody from becoming sexually active and having a sex life.. Young people WILL have sex anyway, learning "on the job" what they don't know and stealing few tricks from porn (which on the contrary is abundant and super easy to access).. Lately I downloaded a new mobile App: My Sex Doctor, it offers a ton of info about sex in simple english.. I really love and I will recommend it to all my friend. I am sure this is not the only one of it's type, but it's the one I found.. To me this is the way forward, stop waiting for school to join the 21th century and take sex education in our own hands.. You can check it out at http://mysexdoctor.org

9/3/2008 9:48:35 PM

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