Talking Points Highlights on Talking Points Memo

By Staff

I don’t have time to watch every presidential debate. When I do happen to catch a debate, the ubiquitous commercials and product placement, the moderator grandstanding, and the softball questions are all mind-numbing.

That’s when the political blog Talking Points Memo is quite helpful. After each debate, the website posts highlights in a 10 minute YouTube video. It’s not unbiased. You don’t get the full picture. But you also don’t wake up two hours later, as you might after the real debate, thinking, “What did I just watch?”

Here’s the latest video from the GOP CNN/YouTube debate on October 28.:

The Republicans unleashed on each other in this one, bickering and throwing personal attacks. One of my favorite parts comes right at the beginning:

Mitt Romney: “Is that what you’re suggesting.”
Rudy Giuliani: “What I’m suggesting is…”
Mitt Romney: “No, no, that’s not answering.”

Bennett Gordon

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