The Daily Show Exposes Lack of Statistics on Police Shootings

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Last night “The Daily Show” senior correspondent Samantha Bee reported on the number of civilians shot by police each year, only to find that the numbers don’t exist.

While records are kept tracking the number of bullets police discharge and how many are specifically shot at civilians, the data ends when it’s a matter tallying of how many civilians are hit.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik said he was confident the statistics existed somewhere, as police departments are asked to report this to the Department of Justice. But Bee quickly learned that no authority technically required police agencies to turn in this information.

“You know no mom wants to think that their child will grow up to become just another statistic,” Bee said. “Thankfully, given the current state of our laws, there’s no chance of that ever happening.”

Watch the video below, beginning at 1:20.

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