Wonkette on Kennedy

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You can always count on Wonkette, the political arm of the Gawker Media Empire, to handle even the weightiest of topics with an irreverence that dances perilously close the line separating good taste from bad, daring readers to take umbrage. In the wake of the announcement that Senator Ted Kennedy has a malignant and inoperable brain tumor, Wonkette presents a relatively restrained post titled “Ted Kennedy Has Lived for Hundreds of Years.” It features a surprisingly classy YouTube photo-retrospective of his life and career, points out that “Even old racist Robert Byrd cried on the Senate floor” in response to the diagnosis, and concludes that “we can say this because it’s unrelated to his cancer: Ted Kennedy looked like such a preppy douchebag for most of his life. But he did shit for poor people so it all balances out.”

Enjoy Wonkette’s tribute to the ailing senator.

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