Solar Roadways: A Path to Renewable Energy

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Modular solar panels will capture the sun’s rays as we drive, bike, and play.

One of the latest innovations in renewable energy is solar roadways, an idea conceived by Julie and Scott Brusaw. The roadways are constructed out of modular solar panels that can be installed on the ground – from highways to playgrounds to parking lots. Not only do they have the potential to capture the sun’s rays to convert into electricity, but they also were designed with LED lights that make road lines and a heating mechanism that will keep them clear of snow and ice.

There are still many considerations for the implementation of this technology – from the cost for covering large swaths of roadways to the durability and upkeep of the modular tiles to their effectiveness when covered by track marks left from tires. However, the group has raised over $1.9 million in an IndieGoGo campaign, built a prototype parking lot, and collaborated on the project’s development with the U.S. Federal Highways Administration, which means these roadways could become a reality in the near future.

Photo by Solar Roadways

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