A Gadget to Help Your Green Thumb

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Edyn Garden Sensor notifies gardeners about water and soil conditions.

The Edyn Garden Sensor has the ability to relay real-time data about the status of your garden and can even suggest which plants will grow the best based on information it gathers from the soil. The sensor was created by Jason Aramburu, a soil scientist who has worked in Panama and Africa, and is striving to integrate technology with sustainability. The device is solar-powered and can measure about 250 square feet once it’s placed in the ground. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity which can be used with an accompanying app.

Aramburu also sees larger functions for the gadget – by supplying information about water, he hopes that less water will be wasted. Additionally, all of the data submitted will eventually create a bigger picture about what grows best in certain regions, especially if farmers start using it and a wide area of land is assessed by the device. A Kickstarter campaign is raising money to begin manufacturing the sensors.

Photo byhockadilly, licensed underCreative Commons.

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