Bob Ross Plus Google’s DeepDream A.I. Is Utterly Terrifying


Bob Ross

Last year, Google’s DeepMind A.I. development house released a “tool” called DeepDream that let neural networks loose on innocent imagery, with truly terrifying results. Though it was hailed as a window into the secret experiences of A.I, in reality, DeepDream was a demonstration of just how primitive the mind of modern A.I. really is. But could even an artificial intelligence be alien enough to pervert the peaceful, soothing imagery of the great Bob Ross?

A new video titled “Deeply Artificial Trees,” which applies DeepDream to every frame of a Bob Ross video, proves that the answer to this question is, well, yes. Good grief, yes. Further, it even applies the technique to the audio — making the experience truly nightmarish.

DeepDream’s algorithms basically work by following the simplest mathematical route from basic shapes in an image to a guess at the objects those shapes represent. It then morphs the image slightly, then tries again. Over time this means that the images actually become what they’re perceived to be by the A.I. in a sort of self-reinforcing downward spiral toward freakish pictures from the world’s worst acid trip. Take a look at the video (if you dare), and check out our explanation below.

Deeply Artificial Trees was designed to highlight “the unreasonable effectiveness and strange inner workings of deep learning systems. The unique characteristics of the human voice [are] learned and generated as well as hallucinations of a system trying to find images which are not there.”

2/13/2018 1:16:44 AM

I think one of the mistakes of AI development is to assume that any truly perceiving and thinking machine is going to see the world the same way humans and animals do. The challenge shouldn't be to make a machine that understands the world exactly the way we do, but to create a machine that has consciousness at all despite its actual model or source of inspiration. And then for us to learn how it sees things from its own perspective. We can't reproduce the human being as an artificial reproduction. That would be an insanely lofty goal. Nature has spent millions of years building the human mind – it's rediculous and arrogance to assume we could reproduce it as piece of electronic hardware any time soon.

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