A Celebrity Chef and the First Lady Walk into a Kitchen…

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In February, Barack Obama signed a memorandum to establish a 

Task Force on Childhood Obesity

, including the launch of 

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign

 to address childhood obesity and nutrition. One day earlier, British chef Jamie Oliver won a 

2010 TED award

, which will help him to launch a cross-industry initiative to fight obesity by educating families about food.
This week we will be looking at childhood nutrition by highlighting books and articles that have passed through our library of late

.  -The Editors

Get ready to learn how to cook from scratch. British chef Jamie Oliver, already influential with policymakers and grassroots activists in the UK, is launching Jamie’s Food Revolution USA with the $100,000 he won as a TED prize recipient.

Central to Oliver’s mission is childhood nutrition at home. Even Mrs. Obama acknowledges that government must follow the leadership of parents who educate their kids about nutrition in their own homes. Jamie Oliver’s stateside food revolution actually began in fall 2009 at a community cooking center he opened in Huntington, West Virginia. He modeled the center on his growing Ministries of Food network in towns throughout the UK. Oliver’s cross-industry mission for the TED-backed food revolution solicits the support of everyone from realtors and truck drivers to writers and nutritionists.

Here is Oliver talking about what he has seen and what he will do…

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