Cell Phones May Cause Skin Rashes

Add dermatitis to the list of diseases now connected to cell phone use. Recent studies reported by the Human Ecologist suggest a link between nickel used in the metallic areas of cell phones and a rise in unexplained facial and ear rashes. In October 2008, the British Association of Dermatologists (B.A.D.) first noted this condition, called “mobile phone dermatitis”, and advised doctors to ask patients with skin rashes about their cell phone use. B.A.D. also warned that rashes could occur on user’s fingers as a result of text messaging.

A study of 22 popular cell phones, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that roughly half contained nickel in areas such as menu buttons, decorative logos, and metallic frames around LCD screens. They recommended that consumers choose phones without metallic accents or materials.

Source: The Human Ecologist (article not available online)

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