File Sharing Culture: No Girls Allowed (Unless They're Naked)

If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of BitTorrent file sharing, you know the deal: You find the file you’re looking for on some BitTorrent file tracking site and no matter what that file is it is surrounded by naked or half-naked women.

“I just want to file share without being bombarded by naked women and offers to meet ladies in my neighborhood,” says Anita Sarkeesian in the latest offering from Bitch magazine’s Mad World Virtual Symposium. “I also don’t want to download a virtual stripper who takes her clothes off on my desktop!”

Sarkeesian’s sharp video commentary makes it plain:

Women are systematically left out of techno-geek culture. It’s a boys club that’s reinforced socially and culturally … just look at the fact that less than three percent of open source programmers are women. Or how about the fact that only 13 percent of Wikipedia contributors are women.

Here’s the video. It’s definately NSFW, which conflicts with my instinct to tell you to hit play now and crank it.

Source: Bitch

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