Finding That Human Touch

By Staff

To continue in English, press 1.  To get directions to our offices, press 2.  To change your account information, press 3.  To transfer to another department, press 4.  To end the misery of this call, please hang up the phone now.

Dealing with automated menu systems can frustrate anyone. Sometimes, all you need is a real, live person. Knowing this, Paul English developed, a website that helps people navigate the labyrinthine world of automated telephone customer-service lines.

Customer service phone numbers for more than 500 major companies are listed on the website, along with the quickest way to speak with a real person.  Calling Blockbuster? Press 22. MetLife Bank? Press 000 rapidly and repeatedly, ignoring messages. Ameriquest Mortgage? Don’t press or say anything.

The website makes routine customer services calls a lot easier.  Now, if only someone could create instructions on how to deal with incompetent customer-service representatives. 

(Thanks, Cabinet!)

Sarah Pumroy

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