Friend Me, Undress Me

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Looking to take your Facebook stalking to a whole new level? You’re in luck: Now you can see what your friends look like naked.

For 50 bucks, users can download FalseFlesh, reports (March 16, 2011), and alter photos in two smarmy ways: by superimposing the heads of acquaintances onto naked bodies or by virtually undressing them.

“Only a few millimeters of fabric separates you from an amazing but previously unobtainable image,” claims the website. “FalseFlesh can elegantly eliminate clothing from any photograph. . . . It’s like X-ray vision!”

Though FalseFlesh has no direct ties to Facebook or any other networking site, the company straps itself to the social-media bandwagon in pursuit of profit, littering its website with references to popular social networks: “Imagine being able to copy/paste pictures from Facebook or MySpace of girls you actually know into FalseFlesh,” it gushes.

Personal testimonies on the FalseFlesh site offer up dozens of uses–sneaking a peek at your girlfriend’s hot sister, disrobing a foxy professor, or stripping an ex-boyfriend for an act of revenge.

All of which begs the question: Who’s going to invent and market the anti-FalseFlesh? Because there are some beach photos featuring a few Speedo-clad uncles and thong-wearing aunts we’d like to go to work on.

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