IPhones in the Bedroom = Not Sexy

It’s time to limit the love and attention lavished on iPhones, Lisa Katayama argues on Boing Boing Gadgets. At first, “I pretended not to care while [my boyfriend] lay in bed smoothing his finger across the unlock bar, and sat stoically at the other end of the dinner table as he and the iPhone whispered sweet nothings to each other,” Katayama writes. “I get it. It’s exciting to be in love with something new.”

“But after several months of this, I started to question whether something was being lost because of my boyfriend’s intense iPhone infatuation. Did we still have stuff to talk about other than new apps and ATT’s shitty cell phone signal in our neighborhood? Was I just hating because I subconsciously want an iPhone, too?”

Their solution: ground rules. No iPhones in bed. No iPhones at the dinner table. On that second count, though–because a little understanding never hurt anyone–“I usually let a short half-minute peek slide every now and then, so he can scratch what itches,” Katayama admits.

(Thanks, @chuckumentary.)

Source: Boing Boing Gadgets

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