Life As David Attenborough

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<p>I believe that God, once finished creating the heavens and the earth and the fish of the sea, created nature documentarian David Attenborough’s voice to chronicle it all. The veteran BBC nature lover has filmed much of the world in more than twenty series since his start in 1954. In a pleasant-minded ramble, Laurie Taylor of <a title=” of the New Humanist” href=”″ target=”_blank”>the <em>New Humanist</em>
</a> chats with the oft-decorated Brit about the source of his popularity, why some scientists find him too soft, and the reasons why his shows support evolution. You can also watch a clip from the BBC documentary <i>Life in the Freezer</i>, below.</p>
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<a href=”″>Attenborough: Life in the Freezer: Wandering Albatross</a>
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