The Mystery of Telepathic Twins

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Two brothers named Jim, dubbed the “Jim twins,” were separated when they were just four weeks old and didn’t meet again for some 38 years. In spite of their distance, the “Jim twins” both married women named Linda, divorced and married women named Betty, named their sons James (one James Allen and the other James Alan), worked as firemen and sheriffs, smoked Salem cigarettes, drove light-blue Chevrolets, vacationed in Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida, and had practically identical facial expressions, IQs, habits, brain waves, and handwriting. They died on the same day after suffering from the same illness.

There may be genetic explanations for these bizarre similarities and similar cases of separated identical twins, Diane H. Powellwrites for Shift magazine. The article still leaves room for the possibility that science cannot explain the mysteries of telepathy. The newest research, according to Powell, suggests that the most alike twins are those whose embryos separate only one day before becoming physically conjoined twins. Twins are least alike when the eggs separate during the first four days of pregnancy. 

Even those who do not share a biological connection sometimes have telepathic experiences, according to Powell, which leads to more unanswerable questions. The bottom line seems to be that perhaps telepathy cannot be completely explained by science. 

Source:Shift (article not available online)

Image by Zabowski, licensed under Creative Commons.

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