Science to Government: We Need to Talk

By Staff
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One of the legacies being left by the Bush administration is a combative and regressive relationship between science and the government. This falling out has led concerned citizens and members of the scientific community to demand a public debate on science and technology in the 2008 presidential race.

The people behind are spearheading a petition to make this debate a reality. Signatories include Nobel Prize winners, university presidents, and a bi-partisan group of politicians. Their mission statement reads:

Given the many urgent scientific and technological challenges facing America and the rest of the world, the increasing need for accurate scientific information in political decision making, and the vital role scientific innovation plays in spurring economic growth and competitiveness, we call for a public debate in which the U.S. presidential candidates share their views on the issues of The Environment, Health and Medicine, and Science and Technology Policy.

(Thanks, Commonweal Institute.)

Erik Helin

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