Supreme Court Justice Doesn't Know an Email from a Pager

Friends, we are in trouble. If it hasn’t occurred to you to worry about the technical proficiency of our Supreme Court justices, here’s your opportunity…

This is from a report on oral arguments in the case of City of Ontario v. Quon, published over at Lawyers USA called Technical Difficulties at the U.S. Supreme Court:

The first sign was about midway through the argument, when Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.–who is known to write out his opinions in long hand with pen and paper instead of a computer–asked what the difference was “between email and a pager?”

Other justices’ questions showed that they probably don’t spend a lot of time texting and tweeting away from their iPhones either.

At one point, Justice Anthony Kennedy asked what would happen if a text message was sent to an officer at the same time he was sending one to someone else.

“Does it say: ‘Your call is important to us, and we will get back to you?'” Kennedy asked.

The implications here are immediate… and terrifying.

(Thanks, Boing Boing.)

Source: Lawyers USA

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