Talking Fish Enabled Humans to Speak

<p>The human ability to speak evolved from talking fish, according to new research from Cornell University. In fact, <a title=”<I>LiveScience</I> reports” href=”” target=”_blank”>
<i>LiveScience</i> reports</a> that speech skills in all vertebrates, including birds, dogs, and humans, can be traced back evolutionarily to the neural circuitry found in fish.</p>
<p>Many fish can still talk today, including the midshipman fish, whose males will emit grunts and hums to communicate with others. <a title=”A video of that” href=”” target=”_blank”>
<font color=”#800080″>A video of that</font>
</a> is available on the <i>LiveScience</i> website. Male midshipman fish will hum in order to attract other mates. “Female midshipman dig it,”<i> LiveScience</i> reports, “and they only approach a male’s nest if he makes this call.”</p>

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