The Presidential Radio Address on YouTube?

<p>As Barack Obama enters his presidency, he doesn’t plan to let the <a title=”commanding presence on You Tube” href=”/2008-10-27/science-technology/obama-dramatically-outpaces-mccain-on-you-tube.aspx?blogid=36″ target=”_blank”>commanding presence he built on YouTube</a> fall by the wayside. Continuing the investment in viral communication he started during the campaign, Obama tested out the <a title=”presidential radio address to You Tube” href=”” target=”_blank”>presidential radio address format on You Tube</a> last Saturday, a technological shake-up that didn’t go over so well with some radio loyalists.</p>
<p>”What is he thinking?” <a title=”Susan Stamberg asked” href=”″ target=”_blank”>Susan Stamberg asked</a> fellow NPR personality Andrea Seabrook on <i>All Things Considered</i>.</p>
<p>Stamberg continued, “there are so many advantages to radio, but one of the main ones is you can’t fool around on it. I mean you can have fun, but you can’t fake it. You cannot fake sincerity. People hear that voice and they know if it’s telling the truth, if it’s speaking with conviction, if it means what it says. Television, you, ya know, you put on makeup, you curl up the side of a mouth, just smile photogenically, it’s all so distracting.”</p>
<p>Putting the traditional radio address on video is “like roast beef for Thanksgiving,” she said.</p>
<p>You can watch Obama’s latest address here:</p>
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